Monthly Archives: February 2016

Updates for the year

Hope everyone had a great holidays and have gotten back into the swing of things. We had our club meeting this past Saturday and it was a great success. As usual Eric did not stop eating and Mark had a dessert with ice cream.

We have swapped from text message to Facebook message now. We have grown to point that text message is no longer adequate. We can send emails to those that would prefer over text message and do not have Facebook.

Below are the planned events for the year outside of the random hangout.

Please see Eric for the poll to vote for the events you are interested in. Any of the events can become overnight/weekend or vice versa. Your responses are needed no later than March 11th!

Big Events:

Camarofest (location and date is unknown)
Super Chevy Show (April 8-10 at Memphis Raceway. Probably just go that Saturday on the 9th)
Super Camarofest (June 30- July 3 at Riverside Park in Ypsilanti, Michigan)
LS Fest (Sept. 9 – 11 at Bowling Green, KY)

One day Events:
Tupelo Museum (Bluff City Mustang may join us)
Bluff City Shootout – Bluff City Mustang vs Bluff City Camaro at Memphis Raceway. (possible twice a year)
Shiloh (with Music City again or by ourselves?)
Trip to Boomtown, MO with Bluff City Mustang then BBQ for 4th of July with them.

Overnight or Weekend Events:
Tail of the Dragon/ Lost Sea Caverns (possibly do this with Music City depending on schedule)
Biloxi (Cruisin’ the Coast – October 2 – 9)
Nashville and meet Music City
Mammoth Caves/ Corvette Museum
Woodward Dream Cruise (August 20)

Local Events:
Hullabaloo 2016 (April 23 –
Tom’s Cruise starts April 5
Bartlett Cruise starts March 3 (4210 Alturia Road, Bartlett (Alturia & Egypt Central)

Club Business:
Club clothing – these are being negotiated with a vendor. More info as it comes available.

Club business cards – we will need to order business cards fairly soon, and we will take up a collection for these so we have enough for members to pass them out and promote the club.