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2018 Camaro Playbook Info

The 2018 Camaro Playbook is making its way into dealers hands as well as other Camaro outlets. Here is some information in regards to the new ZL1 1LE. 

The 2018 Camaro ZL1 1LE is 60 lbs lighter than a stock ZL1 with manual transmission. Also the ZL1 1LE has the biggest stock tires on a Camaro, 325s in the rear. 

BCCC 2017 Event Calendar

Sorry for the delay folks, but here is our working Calendar of events for 2017.

April 2017 – Super Chevy 4/7 – 4/9,  Car Show at Faith Baptist 4/22
May 2017 – Movie Night
June 2017 – Veterans Home Cruise in Humboldt with Bluff City Mustang 6/10
July 2017 – CamaroFest 7/13-7/16
August 2017 – Nashville Trip, either solo or with Music City
September 2017 – Tail of the Dragon, overnight stay
October 2017 – Trip to Lambert’s
November 2017 – Tupelo Museum Trip

The hard dates for each event, unless already something set like CamaroFest, will be announced as we get closer to that month.

As well as we have a few other events with floating dates/times
– Johnny’s Header Day
– Transformers Movie Night
– Thursday Cruise Nights behind Jim N Nick’s in Cordova
– Test n Tune at MIR on Thursdays

As the weather starts to keep getting warmer there will be more news and updates to this.

Camaro Fest VII Announced!!

[January 7th, 2017] – CAMARO6.COM – Today, the moderators announced that this year’s event, CamaroFest 7, will be hosted at Beech Bend Raceway in Bowling Green, KY. The event will be held on Friday, July 14 and Saturday, July 15. Camaros of all generations are encouraged to join the festivities. Firebirds and Corvettes are also welcome to attend.
Camaro fans will journey to the CamaroFest from across the United States and Canada to celebrate their shared enthusiasm for the nameplate. On-site events provide enthusiasts a special blend of motorsports and show activities to participate in or spectate:

• Drag Racers will utilize Beech Bend’s 1⁄4-mile length drag strip for bracket racing and informal passes.

• A unique “CamaroCross” competition features an adapted autocross course suited to the high-power, rear-wheel drive Camaros.

• A multi-generational Camaro Car Show pits 200 of the cleanest, and best designed enthusiast-owned cars in a competition of style.

• The National Corvette Museum Motorsports Park will be available to register on Thursday, prior to the main event, for enthusiasts eager to test their skills at one of the newest and most technical road courses in the Nation.

Other social events will occur throughout the weekend, as well. Representatives and vehicle displays from Chevrolet and the Camaro development team are expected to attend, while event sponsors will be available for consultations, sales and select on-site installs. Hotels and restaurants in the Bowling Green area are expected to be very busy during this weekend. Please visit for more details as they are released in the coming months. is an online discussion forum dedicated to late-model Camaros; forum members created the CamaroFest to bring together Camaro enthusiasts from across North America. The first “Fest” was held in Valdosta, GA., and was inspired by the introduction of the fifth-generation Camaro in 2010; subsequent annual events have been held in different locations across the country. Beech Bend Raceway is extremely happy to host the 2017 event, hoping to continue the tradition of impressive year-over-year growth in attendance, which has peaked at more than 1,000 cars to date.

For more info please see the following links:
Camaro Fest 7 Offical Page
Camaro Fest 7 Forum Announcement

Updates for the year

Hope everyone had a great holidays and have gotten back into the swing of things. We had our club meeting this past Saturday and it was a great success. As usual Eric did not stop eating and Mark had a dessert with ice cream.

We have swapped from text message to Facebook message now. We have grown to point that text message is no longer adequate. We can send emails to those that would prefer over text message and do not have Facebook.

Below are the planned events for the year outside of the random hangout.

Please see Eric for the poll to vote for the events you are interested in. Any of the events can become overnight/weekend or vice versa. Your responses are needed no later than March 11th!

Big Events:

Camarofest (location and date is unknown)
Super Chevy Show (April 8-10 at Memphis Raceway. Probably just go that Saturday on the 9th)
Super Camarofest (June 30- July 3 at Riverside Park in Ypsilanti, Michigan)
LS Fest (Sept. 9 – 11 at Bowling Green, KY)

One day Events:
Tupelo Museum (Bluff City Mustang may join us)
Bluff City Shootout – Bluff City Mustang vs Bluff City Camaro at Memphis Raceway. (possible twice a year)
Shiloh (with Music City again or by ourselves?)
Trip to Boomtown, MO with Bluff City Mustang then BBQ for 4th of July with them.

Overnight or Weekend Events:
Tail of the Dragon/ Lost Sea Caverns (possibly do this with Music City depending on schedule)
Biloxi (Cruisin’ the Coast – October 2 – 9)
Nashville and meet Music City
Mammoth Caves/ Corvette Museum
Woodward Dream Cruise (August 20)

Local Events:
Hullabaloo 2016 (April 23 –
Tom’s Cruise starts April 5
Bartlett Cruise starts March 3 (4210 Alturia Road, Bartlett (Alturia & Egypt Central)

Club Business:
Club clothing – these are being negotiated with a vendor. More info as it comes available.

Club business cards – we will need to order business cards fairly soon, and we will take up a collection for these so we have enough for members to pass them out and promote the club.

Club Christmas Party!


We are having a Club Christmas Party on December 4th at 7:00 PM. It will be hosted graciously at the Benson’s. Please see Bobby, Cooley, or Adam for the address. The Benson’s will be providing a keg of Ghost River beer and assorted liquors. It is recommended that you bring any beer, soda mixer, or liquor you’d like to drink that night as well as any non alcoholic drink you’d like. I myself will be bringing Gentleman’s Jack and Winter Jack (Apple Cider mixed with Jack Daniels). Each person or couple attending is required to bring at least one appetizer. The Benson’s are making Buffalo Chicken Dip with chips and some homemade Candies. As for gifting, we have decided to give back instead of gift giving to each other. The club officers will be collecting any donations that night to use to purchase items for Tails of Hope Dog Rescue. This is optional. Then a select few will hand deliver these items to the dog rescue. We will be purchasing items from their amazon wish list (…) and items they asked for in their email (what they need most are puppy pads, laundry detergent , disinfectant spray, spray cleaners, puppy toys, small collars and large chew bones for the bigger babies). This is an adults only event so please leave your kids at home this night. Hope to see you all there. If you have any questions, please contact Adam, Cooley, Bobby, or myself.