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Fast and Furious 7

Fast and Furious 7 is coming out this Friday. Quite a few of us are wanting to go to see it this Friday. If we pick a theater early enough I’ll reach out to the manager about parking or something.

Also, Aston brought up the idea about pre-ordering the tickets. Do we want to look into this?

Replies needed by Wednesday.

This is posted on our Facebook and Camaro5 thread. Only need a reply on Camaro5, on Facebook, or text Eric.

So far we have:
Jerry (2)
Alvin (2)

Brandon D.(Maybe)
Adam F. (Maybe)

Bowling Green Trip

From Sarah (posted on

Hey Everyone!! I have some news for the people going to the corvette museum. I have gotten together with the Holiday Inn Express in Bowling Green and was able to set aside some rooms for us. I was able to get a discount for our group also. If you are going with us please call the Hotel at (270) 843-3200 and tell them you are with the Bluff City Camaro Club. We’ll be spending the night on April 18th.
here’s a link to the hotel if you want to look at it.

(don’t worry Eric and Adam I set aside double beds for y’all so you don’t have to snuggle with each other)

just as a re-fresher this is who I’ve been told is going. if I do not have your name on the list, let me know!
*Cooleys (2)
*Adam Franks
*Eric Franks
*Mark Bridges
*Crims (2)

Also if you haven’t booked your room please call (270) 843-3200. Tell them you are with the Bluff City Camaro Club and would like to book a room. On April 8th the rooms that haven’t been booked will be put back to the public and the discounted price for the group will no longer remain. Call today!

If you are having issues, please ask to speak to Abby in the Sales Department.